Natural Selection

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ANTH 1001
Kieran Mc Nulty

Natural Selection Observations 1) Population have the potential to increase infinitely 2) Populations tend to remain constant over time • There is a struggle for survival 3) All species are variable 4) Some variations are more advantageous to survival and reproduction 5) Some variation is inherited • Advantageous features will become more frequent in a population through time Natural Selection on Daphne Major (Peter and Rosemary Grant) • In a variable species of bird, there were variations in size and beaks • 1977 -- major drought, larger beaked birds began eating different type of seed, large beaked birds survived, next generation had larger beaks • 1984 -- torrential rains, overproduction of plants, larger birds couldn't get through plants to find food, smaller birds survived, next generation was smaller Conditions for Natural Selection Three necessary and sufficient conditions 1. Variation in a trait 2. Inheritance of that trait 3. Differential reproduction success based on that trait Lamarck versus Darwin • Darwin took Lamarck's theory about individuals and applied it to an entire population Sexual Selection • The conditions of selection do not include "survival", natural selection is about reproduction • Ty
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