Population Genetics

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ANTH 1001
Kieran Mc Nulty

Population Genetics/Hardy Weinberg Model How can you tell if a population is evolving? Hardy Weinberg Model • developed independently by Godfrey Hardy and Wilhelm Weinberg • Standard by which to measure whether a population is evolving • provides and ideal non-evolving population against which we can compare natural populations • Given a set of allele frequencies, what is the probability of getting different genotypes? • If you know the probability of an event happening, the chance of it happening twice is the square of the probability (p x p = p^2) • Consider a two allele system for height: tall allele T, short allele t • in a population with a p = 30% T alleles and q = 70% t alleles, what is the probability of being: ◦ Homozygote tall TT (aka grabbing a T twice): 30% x 30% = 9% ◦ Homozygote short tt: 70% x 70% = 49% ◦ Heterozygote tall Tt: 30% x 70% x 2 = 21% ▪ two different way to be heterozygous, have to multiple probability times 2 • p^2 (homozygous dominant) + 2pq (heterozygous) + q^2 (homozygous recessive) = 1 Under what conditions will the HW model predict genotype frequencies? (HW equilibrium, not fully possible) • Mating is random with respect to the trait studied • Mutation is not occurring in the trait studied • There is no migration in or out of the population • Natural selection is not acting on the trait • The population is infinitely large A population in HW equilibrium • Allele frequencies are not changing • the population is not evolving • 4 of 5 of the conditions say the population is not evolving • infinite size needed so there is no error • random mating is needed because if it isn't a condition, there will be different genotype frequencies Non-random ma
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