ChEn 2001 Lecture 9/4/2013

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Chemical Engineering
CHEN 2001
Kechun Zhang

Accumulation/Consumption Reactor Mass Separator Mass Energy Mixer Energy In Heat Exchangers Out *Math quiz sept 17 Computer exam oct 10 Midterm exams oct 11 and nov 18 Moodle access overhead hw, recitation, supplemental materla, grade Homework: due at beginning of lecture (needs name, id, recitation section)…can be typed or handwritten, can write on both sides of paper 9/4/2013  Chemical processes: converts raw materials to products by changing chemical and/or physical properties of the material; Consists of a series of unit operations (reactors, separators, mixers, or heat exchangers) in which a feedstock is processed to make desired products  Our goal in this class is to write mass and energy balance equations; these are the basic tools for engineering analysis of chemical process  1.1 Goals for a chemical process o (a) make a product with specific functions o (b) want to convert waste into useful materials (ex: corn fiber  ethanol) o (c) convert material to energy (ex: gasoline in a car)  1.2 Raw Materials (Air, Water, crude oil, minerals, agricultural/waste products (corn))  1.3 Balance Chemical Equations o aA + bB  cC + dD o ex: C H3+ 8O  32O + 4H O2 2 o ex: ½ SiCl +4H  2 Si + 2HCl o Define v =istoichiometric coefficient for species i  V i 0 for reactants  V i 0 for products  If it is 0, then it isn’t in the rxn
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