ChEn 2001 Lecture 9/11/2013

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Chemical Engineering
CHEN 2001
Kechun Zhang

ChEn 2001 9/11/2013 Ch 2. Basic design of a chemical plant  Raw material  reactor  separator  product  Process variables o to specify quantitative information on a process flow sheet o base dimensions  mass: M (kg)  length: L (m)  time: t (s)  temperature: T (K)  amount: N (moles) o molar mass: M/N  g/gmol kg/kgmol lb/lbmol o m = iM; iheie m = mass and M = molecular weight o # atoms of h in compound i; n =hi n hi i(m/hi i i  ε = atom, n = compound  ex1: There are 12 mol glucose; how many g glucose and how many gmol C? o m glucose o n C,glucose  For stream o o Stream composition o mass fraction of I = w i where M is the total mass o mole fraction x =i o Notes  1) All these are dimensionless ∑ ∑  2) ;  3) ∑ o Example (Murphy, p. 62): Find mole fraction and mass fraction of glucose in mixture of 12g glucose, 3g NaCl, and 85g water    Temperature and Pressure  need to control these to control reaction o o T (K or C ); C + 273.15 = K  T(c) = 5/9(T(F) – 32) o Pressure: p =
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