ChEn 2001 Lecture 9/13/2013

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Chemical Engineering
CHEN 2001
Kechun Zhang

Chen 2001 9/13/2013 Math Quiz next Tuesday in recitation *only allowed to bring math tutorial, no scientific calculators or any other notes allowed *3% final grade *only on ODE (Problem 1 HW1) *only 2 diff eq….1 separable,,, 1 non  Process flow diagrams (foundation of ChemE) o you will generate and solve these from a problem description  3 types of diagrams o 1) Input-output Flow Diagrams Raw Materials Process Products/Waste  input from left  output from right  process is like black box: don’t know what’s going on inside  flow rates specified o 2) Block flow diagram (several blocks) Mixer Reactor Separator  input    output  Each block means 1 step in the process  Raw materials from left, output from right  4 basic blocks (operations)  1)Mixer A Mixer B C A + B + C o no change in species o one output stream  2) Reactor A + B C + D Reactor Each output has a E + F C + D different flow rate o feed and output have different compositions o outputs have different flow rates even if they have same composition  3) Splitter n o n 1 1
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