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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
CHEM 2121
Nicholas Frost

Lecture 1242014Friday January 24 20141153 AMExperimental Errorex John smith is pregnantEx Fluoride in Drinking WaterToxic above 0025 gozwe get result of 001 gozbut cant just based on that need margin of errornow have 001 009bad0010 0001 gozEx reading absorbance scale different people can see different measurements and even you might see something different if you do it multiple timesfRandom Error Indeterminate Errornot reproducible equally likely to beorcannot be eliminated can be minimizedex neck of volumetric flask want to fill it out exactly 10010006 mL9998 mL9996 mLas ninfinityavg10000 mLSystematic Error Determinate Errorreproducible can be detected and eliminatedwhen using flask manufacturers cant make measurements on it exact9977 mL9981 mL9974 mLas n infinityavg9978 mLWays to detect systematic errorUse alternate methods to test the same sample results should agree within random error if dont then one or all of the methods could be wrongthis just tells us that there is systematic error not where its coming from Analyze a known sample aka certified reference material known bc theres error associated even w certified reference material your method should reproduce known v
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