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Lecture 2102014Monday February 10 20141219 PMEhcElectromagnetic spectrumenergy increases rightleft wavelength does oppositeMicrowave radiation induces rotational energyIR induces vibration can be used for qualitative work since different molecules need different amounts of work to vibrate the bondsUVvis promote electrons to higher energy levels focusing hereXrays breaks bonds ionizesFocusing on UVVisExcited state electronicEnergyGround Electron StateCan promote electron to higher electronic statewith some more energy can go into a rotational state too many different ways you can go Absorbance ATransmittance see diagramneed to select certain wavelength to hit our sampledo this with a monochromatorThen the light hits a sample and some of the light comes outTransmittance T measures relatively how much light comes out what fraction makes it out of the sample what percentage is transmittedTPP 0T10Absorbancedef AlogPPlogPPlogT00so why do we convert to absorbanceex cuvet w aqueous samplePdPz AChem Page 1
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