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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
CHEM 2121
Nicholas Frost

Lecture 272014Friday February 7 20141222 PMStandard Addition helps us disregard matrix effect bc all done in the same matrixNow doing another methodGo back to the expression we were usingxx sIIoffxxsxx sIIfffxfxsI I Ixs ymxbxsxfxffxintbmIIxx thus you can extrapolate back to find x interceptxfxfffxis the concentration when you dilutefLab Notebook GuidelinesNeed table of contentsname of experiment page dateBefore show up to lab put purpose in lab notebook just put important procedure steps dont need to rewrite lab manual data analysis procedureData collection have units make table subheadings meaningful dont just say reading put unitsCan paste table in notebook dont have to draw by handDiscussion restate the main finding talk about error in experiment how largesmall error is give potential sources of errorConclusion restate main results state what you might do differently in future experimentsLinear Regression LINEST might be the best one AChem Page 1
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