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CHEM 2121
Nicholas Frost

Lecture 3102014Monday March 10 20141221 PMMASS SPECTROMETRYMass Spectrometry very powerfulqualitative analysis what is itquantitative analysis how muchMass SpectrometryHow do we form ions how to filter them How to pass them through to detect themElectron IonizationIonization source deeper look into itvacuum thats a bit more negative at top than bottomMolecule M can enter inIf the electron energy is high enough can take an electron awayMe M 2e where Mis a molecular ionCan also cause fragmentation and send them to a mass filterElectron Impact Ionizationyaxis relative abundancethe most intense mz is assigned 100 base peakxaxis mz ratio massPeople just call it mass instead of mass to charge70 eV is most common this is a high kinetic energy for electronswhythis is a standard bc reproducible fragmentation patternscompare to databasescould be possible that you dont see ion at allthis energy has to be high enough for the fragmentation to occur at allincreases yield of ions so that you have enough signal to detectPerfluorobenzene AChem Page 1
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