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Nicholas Frost

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Lecture 3122014Wednesday March 12 20141220 PMmz Separationnow talking about quantitative analysislooking at mass spec w chromatographySelected Ion Monitoringour analyte here is a mixture of Herbicides in River waterdoing UVvis detection figure aUV detection240 mmbut UV detectors not as selectiveanyone can absorb and thus will be detectedb using mass specusing ion sprayb Reconstructed Total Ion Chromatogramto collect every data point in btake full mass spectrumsum total ions over mz rangec Selected Ion monitoring this is were we really see capability of this methodhelps us just see a specific oneIn mass filter section mz312in part c monitor a specific mz of a known ion of the analyte of interestreduces background noiselittle else yields mz312 unique to the one were looking formore relevant data pointstheres a lot of other stuff we dont needcare for more relevant data points per masscharge AChem Page 1
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