EPSY 3264 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Data Collection

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Published on 9 Dec 2016
Jessica, Mia, and Michaela
1. Describe the data generating process (i.e., how are the simulated data being produced; describe
what is happening).
The data generating process entails extracting information from each of the four sets of data to
describe the characteristics of each cat. First, the gender of the cat is identified, followed by the
name, then the length, and finally the eye color. Once one cat’s characteristics are identified, it
moves on to the next cat, and the same process repeats itself until all the cats have been
identified by their characteristics through each data set.
2.) What characteristics are dependent on the cat’s sex?
The cat’s name and length are dependent on the sex of it.
3.) What characteristics are independent of the cat’s sex?
The cat’s eye color is independent of its sex.
4.) Examine the plot. What characteristics are being plotted?
Gender, name, length, eye color
5.) Are all these lengths really equally likely? For example, are 30-inch-long cats just as common as
17-inch long cats?
No it is more likely that the cats size will be in the middle of the range than the extremes, such as
30 and 10 inches.
Practice 1: Population of Students
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