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Lecture 6

FSCN 3615 Lecture 6: February 1-2

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Food Science and Nutrition
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FSCN 3615
Cherry Smith

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Immigration to America Ancestry in the USA, we are a mix Why come to America? Religiously persecuted in home country Jewish population Opportunity Food shortages in home country Potato Famine in Ireland due to fungus parasite Upon arrival to Ellis Island, many traded their old world name for new American names Women abandoned shawls and kerchiefs for the American style coats and bonnets, trying to emerge themselves into new culture Immigrants learned to speak American English One thing they tried to keep, most immigrants went to extraordinary lengths to preserve their traditional foods and food customs Same occurred with religion Upon arrival, many lived in boarding houses or in tenements (for 5-6 families) American Immigration history has 4 epochs 1.The colonial period: mostly English people at first, then other Europeans, many came as indentured servants (farm, craftsman) An indentured servant is someone who has a contract, pays for boat, gives food, provides housing, but requires a certain amount of time to work for someone, when end of contract is up they would pay for labor or move somewhere else 2. Mid-19th century: mainly an influx from northern Europe and Mexico 3. 900-1965: mainly from southern and eastern Europe and Mexico 4. Post 1965: mainly from Latin America, Asia and Mexico Each period brought distinct national groups, races, and ethnicities to the USA Early immigration to the USA British French Germans Greeks (due to economic troubles for employment) Russian Jewish people (religious persecution) Chinese people through California and Seattle (gold mining and railroads) Went to Hawaii for sugar plantations Mexicans Republic of Texas was once Mexican In 1845, it was annexed by the USA and became the 28th US state The 1853 Gadsden Purchase completed the expansion of the US to 48 states Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed in Mexico City Early Immigrants to Minnesota After the American Civil War (1861-1865), Norwegian settlements increased dramatically Norwegians, Swedish and Germans took land from the Dakota and Sioux Indians Mexicans came up starting the early 1820s, farm laborers, 1911 came because of civil wars in Mexico (about 1 million) More recently, Vietnamese, Hmong and Somalis (1970s-2010), then Ethiopians, now Bhutanese and Kareon (2010 to present)
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