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Lecture 12

FSCN 3615 Lecture 12: 1

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Food Science and Nutrition
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FSCN 3615
Cherry Smith

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Medicine Continued: Humoral medicine o These medical systems are very old and some aspects may intertwine o Tibetan medicine is distinctly its own system, but incorporates aspects of Greek, Chinese, and Ayurvedic medical systems o In general, many call humoral medicine hot-cold medical systems The balance o The temperature of the food is relevant only to its effect on the human body, and then only because it might have an adverse effect on health o There is no standard list of what is hot and what is cold, some variation occurs between populations and cultures o Generally, cold illness comes from without the body (cold air, cold foods) o Sensations of pain are usually cold, while sensations of irritations are hot o Cold illnesses are not always visible to the world, symptoms being pain and immobility o Hot illnesses are visible to the outside world Skin eruptions, abscess on tooth, sore eyes, fever and hoarseness o In Greek, humoral medicine the basic body functions were regulated by 4 bodily humors, these humors are characterized by a combination of hot and cold with wetness or dryness blood= hot and wet Yellow bile= hot and dry phlegm= cold and wet Black bile= cold and dry Bile o Bile acids are synthesized by the hepatocytes and secreted by the liver and found in gallbladders o It is discharged into the small intestine and aids in digestion o When they are in the liver they are yellow or greenish in color, the predominant one is bilirubin (yellow) o When bilirubin goes into the intestine it is modified by bacterial enzymes to form brown pigment, this is black bile Latin Medicine o In contemporary Mexico medical beliefs and practices are based on the Greek humoral medical practices o Illness results from imbalances in these humors, and good health is maintained by proper balance o Disease is cured by correcting imbalances, either adding or subtracting heat, cold, dryness or wetness o In Latin America, most foods, beverages, medicines, and herbs are classified as hot (caliente) or cold (fresco or fro) o Examples of illnesses caused by cold entering the body in central Mexico: Chest cramp: cold air entered the chest when a person is overheated Earache: a cold draft enters the ear canal Headache: cool night mist or air enters the head Teething: the pain of teething is a cold pain originates from the coldness of the white new teeth that are growing in o Examples of hot illnesses: Dysentery: because of the bloody stools, this is a hot disease (blood is intensely hot), too many hot foods Sore eyes: overstrained ey
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