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Lecture 3

HMED 3075 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Library Catalog, Thesis Statement, ProquestPremium

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History of Medicine
Course Code
HMED 3075
Tobbell D

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HMED 3075 Lecture 3 Notes on 9/21/16
Topic: How to Plan your Research Paper
1. Select an artifact
a. Look through photo albums
b. What kind of questions can you ask about it? Ex. for pharmaceuticals: Consider
the risk factors/ side effects,
2. Research question/statement- Mon Oct 17th
a. Ex. What influence did this technology have on medical practice? (Limit down to
a time period or focus in on a specialty practice, patient care, nursing practice)
b. How did this technology change over time?
c. In what way was this technology gendered, did the gender of this technology
change over time, and what explains the gendering of this technology?
d. How did the use and meanings of this technology change? What role did users
play in changing the use and meanings of the technology?
** There are sample research papers on Moodle to read and generate ideas. One
included the research question in her paper.
3. Locating sources and preparing a bibliography- wed Nov 16th
a. Primary sources: document or object written or created during the time under
study. Ex. artifacts, hospital records, pottery, music, interviews, letters
b. Secondary sources: uses primary sources to reconstruct what happened in the
past with analysis and interpretation by historians. Ex. articles that review
previous findings, textbooks, histories
c. Tips: scan articles in smaller bits for useful information, not full read. Start early
to let ideas sink in. set up an organizational method to allow information to be
find more resources at
find more resources at
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