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Lecture 8

HMED 3075 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Victorian America, Hemocytometer, Microscope SlidePremium

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History of Medicine
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HMED 3075
Tobbell D

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HMED 3075 Lecture Notes:
Mon 10/10 Technology and Disease Identity
Lecture: Gender, Disease, and Sexuality in Victorian America
Reading: Keith Wailoo, Chlorosis ‘eeered: Disease ad the Moral Maageet
of Aeria Woe.
Technologies of Blood Analysis c. late 19th century
Collecting blood for analysis:
o Locate blood vessel, puncture, and withdraw blood
o Prick a finger or earlobe
Counting blood: Hemocytometer c.1877
Smear blood on microscope slide
o Not too tick/thin, no contamination
o Skilled work
o Counting grid part of microscope slide
Count cells in a grid rather than entire slide
Attempt to correlate blood counts with clinical disease
Measuring Blood: Hemoglobinometer
Method of estimating amount of hemoglobin in the blood
Compared the color of blood with the color of a known standard
E.g. Gowers heogloioeter
Standard tube: glycerine jelly colored to correspond to 1% solution of normal blood
Second tube with graduated scale: fixed amount of sample blood; water slowly added to
dilute blood to the color of the standard
o If blood has high levels of HB, a lot of water needs to be added
o If low levels, little water added
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