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Lecture 15

HMED 3075 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Cortisone, Mayo Clinic, BroadspectrumPremium

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History of Medicine
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HMED 3075
Tobbell D

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HMED 3075 Lecture Notes on 11/9/16
Topic: The History of the American Pharmaceutical Indusrty
Reading: Buying Dad from a sperm bank
Pharmaceutical Companies in the late 19th century
Ethical Pharmaceutical firms
o Small family-run companies
Ex parke-davis and co (1866)
Manufactured, packaged, and sold drugs and other remedies under
trade/brand names
Fine chemical manufacturers
o Ex Pfizer(1849)
o Bulk manufactured chemicals
Patent medicine sellers
o Often high in alcohol content or containing morphine, cocaine, opium, radium,
or other dangerous ingredients
o Of little therapeutic value
o Sold openly to the public
o Available for almost any ailment and claimed to cure or prevent almost any
Pharmaceutical Firms before World War I
Physicians highly suspicious of patent medicine sellers and drug companies alike-
considered both unethical
Pharmaceutical firms worked to distinguish themselves from patent medicine sellers
o Did not patent drugs or advertise products to the public
o Marketed their products only to physicians
o Engaged in scientific research to develop new products
o Hired scientifically and medically trained personnel
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