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Class Notes for chelseythul

Survey of Kinesiology,Recreation, and Spo

KIN 1871 Lecture 5: The Importance of Physical Activity Experience

Subjective Experiences: how we feel, think, and react to physical activity rather than the actual performance itself  Physical activity supplies us with unique forms of subjective experience that are not avail...

KIN 1871
KIN 1871 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Double Dribble, Human Factors And Ergonomics, Home Repair

Physical Activity Experience  Self-Sufficiency: physical activity is necessary for self-care; can be used to judge one's level of independence o ADLs: activities of daily living (brushing teeth, eat...

KIN 1871
KIN 1871 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Influenza Vaccine

Research Themes  Adolescent girls (African American)  Physical and social environments  Physical activity and healthy eating interventions Epidemiology: study of diseases Physical Activity Epidemiology:...

KIN 1871
KIN 1871 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Hamster Wheel, Statics, Cerebellum

Kinesiology: study of motion Biomechanics: application of laws of physics to biological motion  Kinematics o Linear  Position (displacement)  Velocity ...

KIN 1871
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