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Lecture 9

KIN 1871 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Influenza Vaccine

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KIN 1871

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Research Themes
Adolescent girls (African American)
Physical and social environments
Physical activity and healthy eating interventions
Epidemiology: study of diseases
Physical Activity Epidemiology: study the patterns and effects of physical activity
on health and disease (particularly obesity) in various populations
Public Health: prevention in population (flu shot)
Medicine: treatments for individuals
A healthy community can keep an individual healthy
Public Health:
Epidemiology: study of how a disease or health outcome is distributed in
populations and what factors influence or determine this distribution
oTwo Fundamental Assumptions:
Human disease is not random
Human disease has a causal and preventative factors that can
be identified through scientific investigation of different
Some Questions PAE Ask:
How can physical inactivity be prevented?
How many people are physically active at a sufficient level to promote good
Who is more likely to live an active lifestyle?
What factors are associated with PA?
How does the built environment affect PA behavior?
Physical Activity Guidelines:
Children - 60 minutes per day
Combination of moderate/vigorous aerobic, muscle, and bone
strengthening exercises
Adults - 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week
Plus muscle strengthening exercises
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