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Lecture 1

KIN 3982 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Umbrella Term, Confirmation Bias

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KIN 3982
Alex K

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Monday, January 28, 2019
2:35 PM
Why? Do we study research methods
To be a decision maker in your field
To conduct research on the job
To make lifestyle decisions
To analyze research for coursework
How do we "know" things?
Through personal experiences
Through the authority of others
Through research
Potential Pitfalls
Through personal experiences
o Limited in scope; leads to over-generalizing
Through the authority of others
o Not all shared knowledge is of equal value
Through research
o Findings are rarely "facts"
Simple implications with great certainty
"probably" how things would go
The Empirical Approach to Knowledge
One what is knowledge based?
Systematic method of interpretation
Relies on both direct and indirect observations
By what means besides "seeing" do we observe phenomena
Umbrella term
o Experimental designs and nonexperimental designs
o Qualitative and quantitative approaches
Must carefully plan
o Why to observe
o How to observe
Controlled or natural?
o When to observe
o Whom to observe
The Role of Theory in Research
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