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Lecture 2

KIN 3982 Lecture 2: 2:4 Notes

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KIN 3982
Alex K

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2/4 Notes
Monday, February 4, 2019
2:32 PM
Experimental, Non-Experimental, and Casual-Comparative Studies
Control group: no treatment
Experimental group: receives treatment
o Random assignment of participants
Eliminates bias
Blind experiment: subject is not sure, research knows
Double-blind experiment: subject and research are unaware
Treatment + random assignment + post-treatment evaluation = experimental
Quasi-experimental study: treatment and either a post-treatment evaluation or
random assignment, but not both
Non-experimental design: observations are made, but no treatment or control or
groups assigned
Typically used when experimental conditions are not possible, practical, or
Potential pitfalls: spurious relationships
A third unmeasured variable may explain why something is happening
o It could be disguised by other possible factors as well
Cross-Sectional Research
Snapshot of one moment in time
o Longitudinal design
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