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Lecture 3

KIN 3982 Lecture 3: 2:6 Notes

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KIN 3982
Alex K

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019
2:31 PM
What is quantitative research?
What do researchers hope to do with the findings?
What important qualities typically characterize this research?
o Objective, standardized, reliable, validated
Structure questionnaires, closed-answer interviews, physiological
measures, observational measures
o Anything that is easily reduced to numbers
What is qualitative research?
Extend topics further
Aim to capture complex interactions, and gain "rich" descriptions
o Interviews, focus groups, open-ended survey questions, observational
Anything that captures words, interactions, or behaviors
Start specific and move to general
Sampling: in quantitative, sampling comes in large numbers. Qualitative sampling
is a much smaller sample size. Group where you obtain your information
When do you use qualitative vs quantitative?
Depends on research topic
Use qualitative when little is known about a research topic
Use qualitative when participants belong to a culture that is close or
Use quantitative when potential participants are not available for extensive
observation and study
Use quantitative when time and funds are limited
Use quantitative when hard numbers are required
Can do a blend of both types (mixed methods approach)
Deductive approach
o Based on literature
Use literature to guide research
o E.g., questionnaires
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