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Lecture 4

KIN 3982 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Operational Definition, Bone Density, Needs Assessment

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KIN 3982
Alex K

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Monday, February 11, 2019
2:34 PM
Research Purpose & Question
Research purpose: stating the purpose of the study
o E.g., purpose is to examine…
Research Hypothesis
Research hypothesis: prediction of the outcome of a study
o Based on an educated guess or formal theory
o Example: effect of a weight lifting on bone density
Two types:
o Directional hypothesis: predicts which group will score higher on the
outcome variable
o Nondirectional hypothesis: there is a difference on the dependent
variable but which direction is not predicted
Operational Definition
Operational definition: operationalize a variable; systematic way of defining
the variable of interest
Operational definitions allow for researchers to replicate other researcher's
o Why is replication important?
o Operational definitions can be multi-dimensional
Self-efficacy of physical activity is multi-dimensional
Lack of operational definition leads to a vague study conclusion and limited
Program Evaluation
Applied research: evaluating an ongoing program
o Apply the research directly to decisions regarding the program that is
being evaluated
Needs assessment: determining the needs of those being served by the
Formative evaluation: collecting information that may lead to changes in the
program during the evaluation
o Assess process of implementing the program
o Assess progress toward the goal
E.g., school lunch program - healthy eating
Summative evaluation: contains information about the final or long-term
benefits of the program
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