KIN 3982 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Current Literature

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13 Feb 2019

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019
2:45 PM
Why do a literature search?
To determine what studies have already been done in the area
To be able to summarize the main findings in a particular research area
To determine what additional studies need to be done in an area
Identify instruments to use
Identify dead ends
Learn how to organize and write research reports
Purpose of a literature review
Relates the proposed study to a larger context
Provides a theoretical framework for establishing the importance of a study
Identifies the 'gaps' in the current literature
Support the research question or hypothesis
Saves time in the research process
Allows you to form a "unique" research question
Doing a critical analysis
Sample is biased
o E.g., volunteers, students
Instruments are not standardized or have limitations
o E.g., PAR vs. ActiGraph
Experiment should have proper controls in place
o Random assignment, quality control, standard protocol, assessors blind
Laboratory studies sometimes do not generalize to the real world
Creating a Synthesis
Should provide a synthesis
o Provide whole picture of what is known and not known and how it all
fits together
o Move from subtopic to subtopic, not just from on study to another
o Point out trends and common findings between articles
o Point of discrepancies and possible reasons for the discrepancies
o Point out gaps in the literature
This will set up the rationale for your study
Other Considerations
Avoid extensive detailed descriptions of the research methodology
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