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Lecture 11

KIN 3982 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Unstructured Interview, Focus Group, Grounded Theory

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KIN 3982
Alex K

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Textbook Review Notes
Sunday, March 10, 2019
11:04 AM
Semi-structured interview: an interview guide or protocol is used, but the
interviews may follow the flow of a conversation in each individual interview
rather than follow the guide exactingly.
Allows the interviewer to deviate from the guide in order to collect the most
useful information
Interview protocol: written directions for conducting the interview, such as
script, question prompts, or any other notes to help the interview maintain
consistency where needed
Longitudinal research: people are interviewed repeatedly in intervals that may be
weeks, months, years, or decades apart
Structured interviews are more beneficial, as they ensure consistency and
the ability to compare results over time
Unstructured interview: exploratory research when flexibility is needed to allow
interviewees to bring up information that matters most to them
Self-disclosure: examination of the research problem in relation to an
interviewers own background and attitudes before conducting the interviews
Focus group: type of group interview in which participants are asked to respond
to a set of questions that express similar and differing views and discuss them as a
Hold 6 to 12 participants, with one facilitator
Typically last about an hour
Two or more groups are needed for a given research project
Grounded theory: set of principles and practices that is widely used in qualitative
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