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Lecture 7

KIN 5804 Lecture 7: Continuing EligibilityPremium

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KIN 5804
Jeremiah Carter

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Continuing Eligibility
Monday, March 26, 2018
5:17 PM
5 Years to Compete
Student-athletes have 5 years to complete 4 seasons of competition
5-year clock begins once SA attends one day of class as a full-time student at
any collegiate institution
Limited exceptions
4 Seasons of Competition
A season of competition occurs when a student-athlete engages in
intercollegiate competition
o Representing the institution in any outside competition, regardless of
how labeled (e.g., scrimmage, exhibition, or joint practice)
o Competes in the uniform of the institution
o Receives expenses (e.g., transportation, coaching, entry fees, etc.) from
the institution for competition
Exception for unattached competition when not receiving expenses
Goals of Continuing Eligibility Requirements
Keep student-athletes on track to graduate within 5 years of full-time
Ensures student-athletes are taking legitimate courses towards graduation
Keep consistent standards for ALL
Progress Towards Degree Requirements
Pass 24 semester hours prior to institution's 3rd semester (2nd year) during
freshman year
o May include summer credits
Pass 18 semester hours during academic year (fall and spring) after freshman
o Does not include summer
Pass 6 semester hours during the preceding regular term of enrollment
Mus be enrolled full-time in order to practice and compete
Percentage of Degree Requirements
Must designate degree program by start of 3rd year of enrollment (fifth
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