LA 1401 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Hatshepsut, Tangled

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3 Feb 2016
Space - Cultural Lens - Historical Lens
The cultural landscape it's designed for and ___
Designed space is a two-point perspective
Location: on the Nile, the life giving force, sacred
Movement through the space is ritualized and orderly on the central axis
Tied to worship of the dead
Architecture tied to the belief system
More condensed as you move up identifies who can go where
More of a garden feature, which is uncommon in its original period
1-3: movement, geometry, bilateral system, choreography of movement, focal point
Funerary temple of Hatshepsut
Higher means closer to heaven where most important buildings are located (elevation wise)
Collection of building and experiences
Geometry and math in an exploration of a new experience
A mountain where as you go up the path you experience something new along the way
Cirial movement
Ritualized movement as you move from one destination to destination along the path
Temples are much transferred into Am civic offices in appearance and set up
A fortress, at the time where protecting yourself is #1
Prime example of castle with protection represented a fearful culture
Points to Muslim world in design
Inward directing
Emphasis is placed on the landscape
Spitting lions into troughs to the runnels to the house
To see the water and get the sense of cooling in the hot dry summers
Water celebrated as live giving force
Geometry is rational
Court of Lions
Era of superstitious and fearful ideology the Renaissance becomes a rebirth of art, science,
Result of fear of plague
Terrace supported by high retaining walls, outward looking view
About incorporating nature --> tucked into a slope
1st walk-out
Explicit edges along paths --> created for experience
Villa Medici
Villa Lante
W2B Wed 1.27
Monday, February 01, 2016
11:55 AM
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