LA 1401 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: W Series, Operational Definition, Landform

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3 Feb 2016
"Space is the 3D volume of emptiness that exists between different planes"
Ramifications and elasticity define a space and the feeling it evokes
Idea of spatial boundaries edges of both interior and exterior spaces
Def: architecture and landscape architecture space created for human occupation that is
functional, beautiful, and meaningful, ecologically sustainable
Pictorial or flat: 2D, static, apprehended consciously from without
Plastic/cubic space: #D, convex, stereoscopic, objects in space
Volumetric space: 3D, concave, kinetic, understood from within, spatial nothingness
Constructs of space
Operational definition:
Containment of 60 degree vertical cone
Vertical enclosure depends on height and opacity
Defining volumetric space
Degree of enclosure --> 0 - 100 %
How do existing elements affect your experience?
What does it cause you to feel and do?
What is your relationship with this elements?
Q: What is the comfort factor?
All sides open: expansive outward (Midwest feel)
All sides closed: contained/inward (urban city feel)
Size of space can be manipulated --> which will dramatically alter perception --> manipulating
the human experience
Q: What are spatial queues?
One side open: directionally oriented
Rectilinear: characterized by straight lines and right angle radial circles
Combined, arc and tangent: combination of curves and straight lines
Irregular angular: triangles, diagonal
Biomorphic: curvilinear lines, constantly changing radius
Pantheon -
Versailles - particular organization of space to show power --> focusing on the unknown
through a cut ceiling
--> Fabricated based on the experience that was desired
The base plane/floor
The overhead plane/ceiling
Space most fundamental design element
W2A Mon 1.25
Thursday, January 28, 2016
7:01 PM
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