LA 1401 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Stourhead, Landscape Architecture, Great Smoky Mountains

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3 Feb 2016
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Influenced by world-wide cultures and their reforms
Keeps up with aristocrats, always up to date with the best of the best, and always on show
Amaux acts as her escape from the life of a queen
Maria Antoinette
Introduces the picturesque from England
Built as rustic naturalistic
3D arch form of the playing out of the Iliad
Revolutionary in its exploring the ancient past and reiterating it geometric perfection of the arch
"Faux-nature", an improved way of looking at nature, calculated, framed views
Desire of viewing nature at a distance
"Phony" in a sense, fabricated
Landscape architecture employs the idea of liberation through the wilderness birth of
Requires you to slow down and enjoy nature, appreciate it, "smell the roses"
With village aspects and monumental pieces as a hallmark of classical literature
Invention of greenhouses
Lots of changing, interfering with evolution and nature
Period of discovery and the compositional
Promenade gains importance Era of a shift from fear to interaction
Images compose, idealize and imagine
Cities are grim and dirty, the good life is outside the urban context, out in the countryside where
the rich live
Mobilization of advocating for those who could not for themselves
Interest in developing public green space
19 Century Ames
Becomes the spark for fervor to developing healthy green spaces
Built to resemble spaces of the wealthy
Funded by tax base from residential construction surrounding complexes
Became the model for Central Park in Manhattan and the idea of the parkway
Becomes model for development and real estate
Birkenhead Park
Influenced by Neo-Classical French (Paris) construction Palladio
Villa Rotunda reiteration
A democratic landscape based on the Pantheon and Nimes
Preface for the American Image, and architecture that spoke to the aims of the young United States
Landscape embraced the house which stood are the patriotic head of the household
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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Landscape embraced the house which stood are the patriotic head of the household
Buildings aren't just shelter, the ground just something we walk on, but an experience
Headed by the library and embraced by disciplines
Containment reflects village architecture
Metaphorical collection of buildings as a family reaching out to the landscape
University of Virginia Mall
Olmsted is considered the "Father of Landscape" brought about the recognition of the
profession of Landscape Architecture
Multipurposed for a healthier city and to better the city lifestyle
Designed in the Stourhead fashion - completely renovates the space
Creates tension between its value as open space vs. real estate
Breaks geometric image of the city
Central Park
Becomes a model for city building
Global in extent
Introduces electricity
Celebrates the Machine Age and old architecture
Introduces the City Beautiful
Columbian Exhibition
Interstate road that became the emblem of preservation the visual corridor of the Smokey
Blue Ridge Parkway
Starts utilizing the equation of parks with modern science
Donnell Garden
Seagram Plaza
Salvaging what we have and responding with innovative advancements
Renegotiating of the structures that exist and modernizing them, bringing them back to life in the
modern age
Parc Andre Citroen
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