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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Materials Science
MATS 3011
Bharat Jalan

Lecture 372014Friday March 7 2014229 PMHow does a dislocation cause macroscopic deformation1st scenario dislocation line moves without bending2nd moves as a curveSlip planes visualizedDislocations can bend onto themselvesHave tension associated w itDislocation pinningTo stop deformation need to stop dislocationIdea to stop dislocation motionhowgrain boundariesimpurities imagine large impurity sitting in path that prevents dislocation motionhave other dislocations remember movie where it got crowded and tangledimpurity atominclusionsdislocationsIf pin dislocations and try to move it cant move too farlike rubber band effectHow to strengthen a material1 Grain boundaries2 Add impurities let them diffuse into the materials3 Add dislocations by coldworking can hammer or heat it to make it strongerplastically deform it hammering is one wayThis is energy density MatSci Page 1
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