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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Materials Science
MATS 3011
Bharat Jalan

Lecture 522014Friday May 2 2014229 PMToday Exam feedbackAvg775St Dev 14RecapSemiconductorsSee ppt slidewhen you have 2 separate atoms have up to 3p statesbring them togetherhave more statesHave electron flow throughBand structure depends on graph of bands with increasing energyinteratomic spacingtype of atom youre using valence electronscrystal structurenature of bonding covalent ionic van der waalsFor real material band structures are really complicatedSi structure is diamond cubiccovalent bondingGaAs is zinc blendenot sure what type bonding2 Critical Characteristics of the Band Structures are density of statesfermi dirav distribution1 Density of states DOS2 Occupation of the StatesTake deltaE of a certain portion of band structurethiseqn for density of staesProbability of energy level E being filledProperties of Electronic Band Structuregraph on most rightelectron density0 KIf increase T density of states doesnt changethat depends on structure bonding etc MatSci Page 1
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