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Materials Science
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MATS 3011
Bharat Jalan

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Lecture 1242014Friday January 24 2014226 PMTodayBohrs model of the atomQuantum mechanicsElectronic configurationsnucleusBohrs model of the atomRight in spirit but wrong in detailKey idea electrons revolve around nucleus in discrete orbits Only certain values of r allowedTotal energy of the system EKEPE kineticpotential energypmv momentumLmvr angular momentumKey idea angular momentum is quantized because energyquantizedBoth h and hbar are planks constant34h662610Jswhere ninteger 123So what are the consequences of thisdo algebrakineticrepulsionelectrostatic attractionminimum energyequilibriumForce0 bcderivative of energyconvention is that positive force is in positive r direction MatSci Page 1
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