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Materials Science
MATS 3011
Bharat Jalan

Lecture 2142014Friday February 14 2014230 PMOD defects1 vacancies2 interstitials3 substitutional defects foreign atom substituted in place of host atomDepends on how big the atom substituting it is identity mattersIf its the same size could substitute a lot or as much as you wantBut if its really big might be very small percentage of substitutionwith substitutions can make solid solutionssolid solutions add foreign atoms solute to the host if the crystal structure remains the same and no new crystal structures formsome conditions too1 the size has to be right difference between R should be less then about 15depending on relative sizes there is a tolerance2 Better solubility if same crystal structure solubility as in how much of foreign atom can you put in host until you start new crystal st
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