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Materials Science
MATS 3011
Bharat Jalan

Lecture 2242014Monday February 24 2014225 PMRecapDiffusionFicks 1st LawFicks 2nd Lawfor unsteady state diffusion in a very thick film on a large objet composed to diffusion lengthconcentration at some time atsome placesNote t0 all x c0initial conditiont0 at x0 ccot0 at xinfinity c0 boundary conditionsWhat is thick and thin really Diffusion lengthdistance in material where ratio of material becomes about halfLdiffusion lengthDoo4132Example The diffusion coefficient of Cu in Al at 500C and 600 C are 4810 5310ms oDetermine the approximate time at 500 C that will produce the same diffusion result as a 10 hr heat otreatment at 600Cneed time greater than 10 hrbc takes more time to have same resultlower TAns11041666666 hrs MatSci Page 1
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