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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Materials Science
MATS 3011
Bharat Jalan

Lecture 4182014Friday April 18 2014226 PMExam 3 next weeksyllabus everything until coming monday exam 2 syllabuspractice exam on moodle later todayRecap avg mw mbar sumxm gaussian curve bar graphs under it x vs m y vs xniiavg chain length degree of polmerisation n mbarmwhere m monomer molecular weight nnooSimilarly one ca ndefine wt avg molecular wt mbarwmbar SUMwM where wwt fractionw vs MwiiMechanical properties of polymerscharacterized using stressstrain curvedepends onrate of deformationtempchemical nature of environment pressure of water oxygen organic solventhas similar properties to metalsweird bc they have different structure so properties should be differentincrease in Tdecrease in elastic modulus decrease in tensile strength ductility incrasesusually an amorphous polymer may behave likeglasslow temperature rigid freezes movements hard brittlerubberysolidintermediate Tviscous liquidhigh Ttime when load is removedtime when load is applied MatSci Page 1
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