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Materials Science
MATS 3011
Bharat Jalan

Lecture 4282014Monday April 28 2014223 PMRecap Electronic properties of MetalsVIRJsigmaE where sigmaconductivity2V muE where mu mobility unitcmvsdeemu etaom where taoscattering timeeJneV nemuEsigmaEdeconductivity sigmanemuc3n electronscmmu mobility of electronseresistivity ro1sigma1nemueIf n or mu go up then resistivity will go downHow to manipulate materialcool downdope put inintentional puritiesscattering for the freemoving electronsdeform the materialstrengthen it more dislocation densitymobility goes downWhat influences n and muDefectimpuritiesincreases scattering eventsmobility decreasesnwill depend on the nature of impuritiesdefectseThermal scattering when you decrease temperature T reduce thermal vibrations of materialscattering decreasesmobility incrasesDeformation of the material more deformationmore dislocationsmore scatteringless mobilityTotal Resistivity of material can be written as follows basically adding up all effects This rule is called Mattheisens RuleThe first part of the sum is temperature dependentThe second two are TindependentResistivity of a metal wrt Tfor deformed metalsingle crystal w no deformationdislocationsdue to deformation MatSci Page 1
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