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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Political Science
POL 1201
Elizabeth Beaumont

The Prince What and How does Machiavelli teach? • Is there a "Machiavellian Method" at work in The Prince? • Seems to offer a practical, historically-based candid set of lessons that differ greatly from older political theories ◦ Emphasizes drawing on lessons of history, including "ancients" for models or rules of do's or donut's • His use of history begins to suggest that he rejects dominant conceptions of the relationship between traditional morality or virtue and politics and embrace strategy, violence, deception, and tool of human manipulation ◦ doesn't use very positive examples of how to rule Machiavelli's Uses of History Series of lessons for gaining, maintaining a principality, and for acquiring further territory • Model of Roman Empire vs. 5 or 6 errors of King Charles (France) ◦ what to do if you are ruling a country that was previously free/a republic ◦ positive example of Romans 1. go live there, or
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