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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Political Science
POL 1201
Elizabeth Beaumont

Limits on Government and Right to Revolution When is there a right to disobey political authority or a right to revolution? Believes citizens must uphold the social contract or can't revel against just or legitimate government, which 1. Operate through consent 2. Respect fundamental ends and obey limits, including: ◦ protect individual rights and liberty ◦ non-arbitrary ◦ act through rule of law, standing/declared law, and known, authorized judges ◦ don't take property or tax without consent ◦ don't transfer law-making power to other bodies By corollary, whenever governments fail to uphold these or use "unjust and unlawful force," they dissolve their legitimating social contract and there is a right of revolution Further Justifications for a Limited Right to Revolution • So
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