SMGT 3861 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Contributory Negligence, Comparative Negligence

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13 Feb 2019
Negligence Defense
Assumption of risk
Contributory negligence
Comparative fault
Defense: Assumption of Risk
To prove this defense, defendant must show the following:
o The risk must be inherent to the sport
Drowning while swimming
o The participant must voluntarily consent to be exposed to the risks
o The participant must know, understand, and appreciate the inherent
risks of the activity
Know the nature of the activity and the risks associated with the
Understand the activity in terms of their own condition and skill
Appreciate the type of injuries that are associated with the activity
Sources of Assumption of Risk
Express assumption of risk: oral or written language that outlines the risks of
the activity; found in participation agreements
o Waivers or release of liability
Implied assumption of risk exists when the participant's conduct or actions
show that he voluntarily assumed the risks by taking part in the activity. With
inherent knowledge of the activity, the act of participation triggers the
assumption of risk
Defense: Contributory Negligence
A person creates an unreasonable risk to his/herself
o Drunk bartender breaks bottle on the job and cuts finger
An individual has a duty to act as a reasonable prudent person
A person may be held entirely or partially responsible for the resulting injury
Defense: Comparative Negligence
Apportions fault between the parties
Types (depending on the state):
o Pure
o 50/51 percent rule
All or nothing
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