ENGL 144 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Memento Mori, Billy Bones, Narration

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6 Feb 2017

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2/6 English 144 Notes: Treasure Island Wrap Up
Stockade Argument Claim #5:
- Stevenson subtle motivation technique to get people to leave the "stockade" and embrace
the world of adventure is to remind us that we are living amid Death
o Death is in our midst and can come at any time
o Motif: references to the gallows (hanging)
Page 17 “If it comes to swinging, swing all, say I”
o You can get sick and die or you can be charged with a crime and put to death
o Also injuries that can lead to death
Page 18 “death-hurt”
o Habits that lead to death
Billy Bones and his rum
o Disease
Yellow Jack Yellow Fever
Concern on the island as well
o Page 28 Billy Bones dead sudden
o Page 33 Billy Bones’ dead body is still in the Admiral Benbow you can’t call
someone and have them take care of it body is in their face
o Page 122 Silver kills Tom but “everything else is unchanged” life goes on
immediately, nothing stops shocking, especially if you see the value of life
o Page 128 Ben Gunn throwing rocks at gravestones
o Page 181 dwindling numbers
o Page 187 dead bodies everywhere
o Page 275 skeleton compass memento mori reminders that we will all die
one day
- Reference pros and cons about world of civilization vs. world of adventure discussed in
an earlier lecture and chart completed for homework
- People can die in the world of civilization or in the world of adventure one thing that
cannot be put in the chart, don’t use death as an excuse for not living life to the fullest
- We live in a world where people try to “hide” death and deny our mortality
- This novel appreciates both civilization and adventure, but there is a “carpe diem”
message here go out and experience adventure before it’s too late
Stockade Argument Claim #6
- Stevenson's belief in science (Empiricism) and the industrial revolution also reveals itself
in the formal qualities of the book
o emphasis on sensory detail: page 66 Jim detailing his experiences just before the
ship sets sail
five senses: scientific approach
o First-person point of view
“I” rather than omniscient-third person
none of us see the world from that omniscient narrator perspective
none of us have ability to see things exactly as they are
we are subjective, science is objective
Dr. Livesey’s narration no way Jim could’ve seen everything
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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