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HIST 128
Matthew Andrews

History 128 Lecture Notes 8/22/13 1. Civil War (1861-1865) a. Preserves a Union b. Leads to freedom c. 630,000 died during the war d. Lincoln assassinated e. Major Southern cities destroyed f. Southern plantations burned and looted g. Confederate money is now worthless 2. Freedmen a. What did freedom mean? b. What rights? 3. Reconstruction (1865-1877) a. Federal government attempts to reconstruct the South b. Rebuild economy c. Reconstructing race relations d. Each state had its own plan e. Reconstruction was an unfinished revolution i. Presidential reconstruction (1865-1867) 1. Relatively conservative ii. Congressional Reconstruction (1867-1877) 1. More radical 4. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) a. Rapid reconciliation (main goal) th b. April 15 , 1865 Lincoln assassinated c. John Wilkes Booth found and killed in Virginia barn d. Thomas Corbett shot and killed John Wilkes Booth though he was only instructed to capture him 5. Andrew Johnson (1808-1875) a. Against succession b. 1864 Lincoln adds Johnson as Vice-President c. Lincoln was Republican (North, black civil rights) d. Johnson was a Democrat (South, white supremacy) e. Johnson doesn’t do much with presidency f. Believes in states’ rights and white supremacy (black inferiority) g. Very conservative h. Calls the period “Era of Restoration” instead of reconstruction i. Tells southern states to “figure it out” 6. Black Codes a. Laws enacted by the white southerners that applied to black southerners b. System to get blacks to work for whites c. 1865-codes get passed in the South d. Outraged Northern politicians History 128 Lecture Notes 8/22/13 e. 1866 Republicans seize control of Congress f.
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