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HIST 151

3/7/2013 8:57:00 AM Monasticism and the church Monasticism and Medieval Society  Ties to manorialism and Feudalism  Services: missions, scriptoria, education Abuses and new foundations  Abuses of 2 kinds: personal and endowmnets  Eg. Cluny (910): William of Aquitaine and Ingelberge Reform movements  Cluny (910) vs. simony and concubinage; mother house under pope  Citeaux (1098) St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153); reform and crusades  St. Dominic (1170-1221); Dominicans  St. Francis (1182-1226):Franciscans Medieval Universities and Intellectual Culture Early Middle ages (500-1000) as „Dark Ages”?  Violent and unstable  Rural society / urban decline  Need stability for artistic and intellectual development Islands of culture  The church: intellectual refuge/stable force  Retain some classical/roman heritage in fragments  Monasteries, preservers of learning o Montastic schools o Scriptoria for manuscripts  Carolingian renaissance o Alcuin/ Einhard High middle ages (1000-1300): revival  new stability in Europe o Barbarian invasions decline  Growth of towns o More trade and new wealth o Intellectual exchange o Guild sponsored architectural projects Learning in the high middle ages  Monastic schools and royal courts  Church dominated higher education o Cathedral schools o Clerici vagantes – goliardic verse o Licentia docendi  New careers in law, and medicine as well as theology Universities (universitas) th  University towns (12 cent) o Paris – theology o Bologna – law o Salerno – medicine  Universitas = Guild (latin) o The north, guilds of teachers (magister) o The soth, student guilds “Gaudeamus Igitur, iuvenes dum sumus.”  Unruly students  Town and gown riots  Students g
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