INLS 151 Lecture 7: Impact Lecture

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Information and Library Science
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INLS 151

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Impact • How do we rank things and people in terms of their impact? o This varies by field and situation o As an example: ▪ The US News and World Report ranks Colleges • This is a respected method • National Universities • Liberal arts colleges • Best value • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) • Specialties ▪ Forbes ranks the Most Powerful People • This is also a respected method • These are decided by a few factors: o Power over lots of people o Control over large financial resources o Powerful in multiple spheres o Active use of power o In information science, we use a thing called page rank ▪ Page rank is an algorithm that is used to rank websites in search engine results ▪ Named after Larry Page, one of the founders of google ▪ It measures the “importance” of website pages ▪ The algorithm is as follows • o So then how do we look at impact in science and academics? ▪ We look at something called bibliometrics • These include two sides: • Books, Publications, Bibliographies • Count, Measurement, Math/Statistics • The term bibliometrics was coined by Alan Pritchard in 1969 o The definition, from the Journal of Documentation, is: ▪ "the application of mathematics and statistical methods to books and other media of communication“ ▪ There are many aspects looked at within bibliometrics, but here are a few: • By looking at citing vs cited counts, we can determine a few things: o A seminal work: this is something very crucial within a topic, where many papers will be citing to it as such o A co-citation: it is likel
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