INLS 201 Lecture 28: Information Policy

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Information and Library Science
INLS 201

InformationPolicy • Information policy is evolving legally: o Legal controversies: ▪ Search bias • “systematic and unfair discrimination against certain individuals or groups of individuals in favor of others” (Friedman & Nissenbaum) • Claims that Google favors its own properties over those of competitors ▪ Copyright • Does one need the copyright holder’s permission to index the copyrighted content? • Google Book Search • Searching for illegal downloads ▪ Privacy • Search engines are inherently tools that acquire private data about users • How do search engines treat this data? • Are users informed? ▪ Defamation • A woman named Bettina Wulff was the German first lady • There was a huge scandal that made her name suggestions be things like “prostitute” • She sued google for defamation and won • Now if you search her name the suggestions are different and unrelated ▪ Trademark • If a user queries for a trademarked term, what should they see? • Values search promotes o autonomy: users are best placed to know what they want and need o equality: users can query for the messages they want to hear rather than those provided by the richest speakers o diversity: delegating to users the decisions of what to search for lets them make different decisions • Policy tools o Government subsidies o Effective competition policy o Technical infrastructure o Legal infrastructure o Education • The conduit vs. the ed
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