POLI 130 Lecture 25: A Divided Western World?

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University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Political Science
POLI 130
rahsaan Maxwell

April 17, 2017 Notes A Divided Western World? ● Are we in the midst of a realignment? ● Party Formation (late 19th/early 20th c): class conflict ○ Parties went mainstream when everyone got the right to vote. ○ Parties with broad political ideologies, philosophy, conflict, etc. ○ Socioeconomic Divide between the workers (___) and the capitalists (____). ● Class Cleavages Weaken from 1960s Onward ○ Labor laws, minimum wages, entering the middle class. ○ New middle class: not so easily divided between workers and capitalists. ○ Rise of cultural issues (women’s rights, immigration, etc. ● Rise of New Niche Parties ○ They focus on the small issues. ○ Part of the reason they were so angry about immigration is because they felt it was taking jobs away from the native working class. ■ Right wing parties called for left wing policies to protect these groups. ■ No clean cut between the two wings. ○ Green Party ■ Regulations to protect the environment. ■ Preserving the environment doesn't have anything to do with class cleavage. ■ There are more right winged protectionists lately. ● Being part of one wing does not mean that you are strictly that wing; there is a lot of overlap between the left and right parties. ● New Axis of Political Conflict? ● No settled name yet for this phenomenon because we have not answered that question. ● Cosmopolitans/Globalists/Internationalists ○ Wants globalization, cultural mixing, international political cooperation, pro- globalization ○ Strengthening the EU ● Nationalists/Traditionalists/Populists ○ Want to preserve national traditions. ○ Reduce immigration, international cooperation, etc. ○ Europe: We have parties that want to leave the EU, don’t want to take refugees, etc. ○ They want to restrict international trade in a way that will benefit domestic economy. ● A lot of these sides were prevalent during the US Presidential Elections ● French Presidential Election: ○ The strongest candidates are neither left or right; very mixed. ○ Marine Le Pen: far right populist woman; she has more moderate voters though because she was not as right winged as her father; has a populist perspective for the people. ○ Jean-Luc Melenchon: he is far left; has been gaining traction with his populist ideas; pushing for stronger connections with the people and national traditions; one of his policies is that he wants to have a 100% tax rate on anyone earning more than $400,000 Euros ○ Emmanuel Macron: he is not a conventional candidate because he is independent in the center; supportive of progressive issues; supports revolution. ○ They all want to speak for the little people. ○ Francois Fillon: he had scandals about fake jobs for his wife; was in support but went down because of the scandals. ○ There are people going for new positions other than just old fashioned left and old fashioned right. ● Winners v. Losers ○ The first side are those who have benefitted, and the others have not. ○ There are some winning in the new economy, but some not anymore because factories have closed. ○ Winners: ■ Highly educated knowledge workers rather than the trade workers (right wing). ■ Creative industry such as entertainment; left wing voters that benefit from this order. ■ They both have an interest in this open technology globalized world. ■ They aren’t limited by their nation state. ■ Winners from both parties. ○ Losers: ■ Working class and lower middle class. ■ Many people’s jobs have disappeared because of technology. ■ Weakening nation state means that working in public sector jobs have gotten a lot harder. ● Especially true in Europe when their economy used to be nationalized but not anymore because of the weakening nation state. ● Used to be solid left wing union voters, but the private sector jobs have
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