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Environmental Studies
EVS 205
James Rotenberg

• Human Causes of Species Endangerment o #1 Causes:  Habitat destruction  Habitat fragmentation  Habitat degradation • Basic and Secondary Causes of Species Extinction o Triangle diagram (Rotenberg will give us in review sheet) o Population growth is the number one cause • Population and Urbanization o Rush to urbanization in developing countries has led to:  Squatter settlements  Exceptionally high unemployment  Homelessness • Environmental Problems Associated with Urban Areas o Brownfields o Inadequate sewage/storm water systems o Long commutes o Air pollution • Creation of Urban Heat Islands o First studies done in Atlanta o Results: hotter in downtown areas than rural because of albedo Global Energy and Policy • Internet Fun Facts o America’s Natural Gas Alliance (anga)  http://thinkaboutit.org o “Energy Tomorrow” American Petroleum Institute (API)  Energytomorrow.org • World Energy o Populations are increasing o Demand for energy and energy resources is increasing o Global Energy Consumption Pie Charts (2009 →
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