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Lecture 11

HRS 610 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Dependent And Independent VariablesPremium

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HRS - HRS-Human Rehab Services
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HRS 610

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1. Experimental Design
Experimental Design
oTrue experiments (random assignment of participants to
experimental groups) provide the strongest evidence for claims
to knowledge.
oIt provides a systematic way to isolate the effect of an IV (i.e.
intervention) because groups are more or less equal in all
respects except for the receiving different levels of the IV.
oUse of a control group allows for strongest support for “cause”
and “effect” (X causes Y).
Basic Experiments
oPosttest Only
Obtain two equivalent groups.
What does ‘selection differences’ mean?
Introduce the IV and select two levels.
Like what?
Measure the effect of the IV on the DV.
Basic Experiments
oPretest-Posttest Design
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