ENC1143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Pathos, Sentence Clause Structure, Pope Urban Ii

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13 Oct 2016
Professor: William Pewitt
Lecture Notes: Holy Roman Empire and the First Schism
Holy Roman Empire (HRE)
- There’s a possiilit that the rise of the HRE spared Europe from its decline.
o Important person to know: Charles Magnus, AKA Charlemagne.
From France and is claimed to be the founder of France and Germany.
- The Pope anointed Charlemagne to be the ruler of the lands, hence:
o Holy (anointment from the Pope and therefore from God)
o Roman (Pope is in the Vatican in Rome)
o Empire (lands being ruled)
- Charleage did ot egage i priogeiture, a pratie that essetiall ioles the first-
or hild iheritig eerthig, hih led to the splittig of powers within HRE.
- Papal Pornocracy: a period in history that illustrated the corrupt influences of the Papacy.
Deals most directly with John XII, whose father was the Duke of Rome and therefore was
made Pope.
o He as ade pope at 18. “leez. Led to a sadals, hee porora.
- First Schism AKA East-West Schism: after the leaders of the East Orthodox Church and the
West Catholi Churh ega laiig the ere the father of Christedo
o “ide ote: patriarh East Orthodo Churh ad pope Catholi Churh share
roots that relate to the ord father.
- E-W Schism then led each side to excommunicate each other.
o In short, they resorted to considering the other religious group as heretics and
themselves the foundation of Christendom and juvenilely dismissed any other
Other 11th Century Details
- Polity: any power or group that has authority, basically a state.
- Pathos (emotions), Ethos (credibility), Logos (fact/truth)
- Pope Urban II utilized anaphora in his speech at Council of Clermont, the repetition of a
certain phrase or sentence fragment.
o His speech gave rise to the Crusades and united the people against one common
enemy (those of Islamic faith).
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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