ENC1143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Time In Australia, Speedstep, Baconian Method

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16 Oct 2016
- Cervantes:
o Ca e thought of as a otepoa of “hakespeae, o “hakespeae, ut fuie.
o He’s so ifluetial that uh of his tet ake up eaula itig i “pai.
o Wote the West’s fist oel, Don Quixote
All novels are books, but not all books are novels.
Book = any bound text
Novel = a bound, complete fictional text written in prose about a single
potagoist. Alteatiel, a post-pitig pess litea fo.
o Wrote for an audience beyond just the elites.
o Tried to become a governor, settled for an accounting job but was blamed for an
accounting accident, sent to jail, and eventually wrote Don Quixote.
o In his time, the second estate was quickly becoming obsolete because the role they (the
knights in particular) served as people who could protect lords and their property during
the feudal wars.
It was easier and wiser to make money overseas in the New World.
o In Don Quixote, Quixote is a chivalric and psychotic (in the way that he is consumed by
illusions and is unable to see reality) knight errant.
Diffeee etee Quiote ad “aho’s his folloe ditio potas gap
between the estates.
Quiote’s ditio: iflated, self-righteous.
Sancho: colloquial, common place. Arguably saner.
o The etie tet eliits pit fo Quiote eause he’s suh a fool but the fact Sancho
follows him (despite knowing himself Quixote is an idiot) is even sadder.
By believing he may be able to get something out of following Quixote (land,
ihes, fae, hatee, he’s eig pagati.
^ Cervantes criticizes both idealism (hoping to get something out of it) and
pagatis folloig a fool fo its supposed eefits eause “aho does’t
participate in life.
Bear in mind, everyone is still really big on Humanistic stuff like making
ou life othhile ad patiipatig i life.
- 30 Years War: in short, extremely important, related to the Hapsburg Empire, and the Prot. Vs.
Catholic. thing
o Ultiate oflit fo the soul of Euope etee Potestatis ad Catholiis.
o Euope’s fist total a
o Detrimental to Hapsburg prestige because people are now starting to realize HRE a’t
even control their own people.
o House of Bourbon (France) wins, France become new superpower -> Peace of
Westphalia 68 that pooted eligious toleae. Essetiall, agee to disagee.
Scientific Revolution (1600-1800 ish) (Moved away from Renaissance Humanism to Rationalism)
- Epistemology: theory of knowledge/search for ultimate truth.
o Relies on skepticism.
o Birth to heliocentrism (belief sun in in the center and we revolve around it); proven by
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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