ENC1143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: National Epic, Russian Winter, The Communist Manifesto

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6 Nov 2016
- “aid Opiate of the Masses is: religio
- 1848: Year of Revolutions in Europe
o Economics is the single biggest factor (of many) that pushed many of the
- Side note: 1776: Adam Smith writes Wealth of Nations.
o Invisible hand; laissez-faire let it e; essetiall the asis of idustrial
o Not eessaril fair for everyone but benefits everyone somehow (in short, his
poli ast aout rights
- Eoois is eod akig a liig
- Communist Manifesto was a reaction to Wealth of Nations
- 1st Social Scientist
o First guy to look at aspects via scientific method
o Different from Enlightenment period in the way that Enli. Thinkers often did not
use logos to justify their claims; usually just establish their thoughts as Fat
- Economic Deteriis i a utshell: oe akes the orld go roud; the people ith
the most money determine how things run in the world
- No pity for the homeless or the lazy.
- Believed economics is the engine of change
- Throws nationalism under the bus
o economic equality > nationalistic equality because people relate to those who are
in the same socio-economic class rather than the richer higher-ups from the same
- Wrote Iron and Blood in reaction to Marx .
- Anti-logos; thought too much thinking was bad because people become too busy with
criticizing to actually choose an option or feel satisfied with any option.
- Believed that the world changed not because of ideals or speeches, but because of WAR
- Politis is the art of the possile.
Meanwhile in FR
- FR Rev -> Reign of Terror -> Napoleon
- Napoleon
o If oure F‘: Hes great!
o If oure ot: HE“ A WA‘ MONG‘EL
o Called hiself ‘eolutio o Horseak
o Was never able to conquer England because the FR Navy < English Navy, so he
decided to weaken them by prohibiting any countries on the mainland from
trading with European countries that are not on the mainland.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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