ENC1143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Romanticism, Abrahamic Religions, Western Philosophy

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14 Nov 2016
Soren Kierkegaard
- Super religious but also thought religion was highly unethical in the way that religion shirks
- Most faous phrase gae irth to the ter leap of faith.
- A Romanticist who believed in universals but did not look for other Universalists where
Romanticists traditionally looked for them.
o Kierkegaard as differet eause he as iterested i idiidual hoie ad a hua’s
experience as a Christian and actively choosing to be one.
- Questioned the biblical figure Abraham a lot.
Random Historical Context
- The Theor of Eolutio a proess; eplaied the differet fors of aials as essetiall
the opposite of the orld’s diie reatio fied
- The method by which evolution occurs: natural selection.
o Survival of the fittest
- Starts as a professor of Greek philosophers.
o Had little to no respect for them.
o Cosidered their philosophies the ger that ade Wester philosoph sik
- Nihilism (has Russian roots): belief in nothing
o Nothing refers to something that does not exist (which was largely heaven and hell)
- Morality
o For the Master: good led to greatess, ad led to a lak of ipat, hih as
considered weakness
The Master need not check with anyone whether his actions were actually
o For the “lae: good meant being submissive, evil involved aggression (particularly
against the Master)
o He elieed that Wester iilizatio adopted the slae oralit eause of the
Abrahamic religions (which were rooted in slaves, or submissive members of society)
and mistook suissio as the good people should aspire to aitai.
- Meat God is dead i the a that their lies o loger relied o God like it used to; God o
loger had a etral role i people’s lies.
o The philosophy or entity that would replace God deeply troubled Nietzsche.
o With the slave morality still in place, he wondered what people would consider
greatess or hat the ould do Master oralit.
- Believed there was no one truth; only many truths (Perspectivism)
- Considered the first Existentialist
o Often wondered how to give meaning to life
o What ill greatess e to e?
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